Terre Magazine

Terre Magazine is a fantastic new independent natural wine and heritage foods magazine founded by three New York women, Rachel Signer, Erika DaSilva and Katie June Burton.

Terre is all about terroir, exploring concepts such as climate, history and people and revealing them through original journalism, artwork and photography.

Rachel Signer is a freelance writer focused on documenting the culture of natural wine and innovative chefs. Her work appears in places such as Vogue, Vice MUNCHIES, Wine Enthusiast, Wine & Spirits Magazine, and Sprudge Wine. 

Erika DaSilva is a self-taught illustrator painting primarily in gouache. Her work is inspired by 10 years in food and wine in New York City and abroad, and focuses on the community surrounding food and those who serve and grow it. 

Katie June Burton is a food and lifestyle photographer, devoted cook, and holistic nutrition consultant. After several years as a personal chef in Boulder, Co, she now hosts supper clubs and pop-up events in NYC, while simultaneously working on her food photography career with chefs and restaurants all over the world. 

We found this magazine particularly appealing because of its original and insightful content, its clear art direction and because of its obvious link to the natural wine industry, decided to make it available to those like us in New Zealand.

RRP USD$25 / NZD$39 incl. free postage