The Hermit Ram

I first started dealing with Theo Coles back in 2014 after being introduced to his 100% Whole Bunch and Limestone Hills Pinot Noirs at the wine bar. Right from the get go I felt like these wines had a sense of purity and place in them and perhaps I was right – the wines were all unfiltered, unfined and bottled with just a small trace of sulphur – and the vineyards shared a similar soil profile to Bell Hill and Pyramid Valley’s chalky, mineralic, limestone-rich soil which I was very fond of (and still am). 

Theo works as a consultant winemaker to a number of wineries and projects up and down the country but The Hermit Ram is his baby. With The Hermit Ram Theo has complete control and total freedom to dictate the wines’ style and direction and it seems he is very interested in creating serious, structured wines with plenty of interest about them.

Annual production: 1,000 cases 

North Canterbury, New Zealand

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