2017 The Hermit Ram Field Blend Rosé

2017 The Hermit Ram Field Blend Rosé

The 2017 Field Blend Rosé is a field blend (so hand-harvested and fermented together) from the clay and limestone abundant soils of North Canterbury.

This wine is a deeper, darker-style rosé. Immediately obvious by its colour, the wine is in a darker berry-fruit spectrum than your typical rosé, it's dry and savoury too. A great rosé or chilled red, whichever way you want to look at it.

Being a field blend, so with x many plants of this, x many plants of that, the ratios here are only approximate:

1/3 Pinot Noir

1/3 Sauvignon Blanc

1/9 Gewürztraminer

1/9 Riesling

1/9 Muscat

Best enjoyed from the white wine fridge (approx. 14 degrees).