2017 The Hermit Ram Skin-Fermented Muscat Blanc

2017 The Hermit Ram Skin-Fermented Muscat Blanc

Wine made by Theo Coles.

BioGro certified Organic Muscat Blanc à Petit Grains from North Canterbury glacial gravels with bands of limestone.

An incredibly small harvest, the fruit was hand harvested, fermented to dry and matured in stainless steel with total of three weeks skin contact. The wine was then bottled under Nomacorc without fining, filtration or with any added sulphites.

What's in the glass is something quite incredible; the nose is flora, lifted and intensely aromatic, while the palate is light, racy, biscuity and energetic. You get a real appreciation for Theo's gentle handling in the making of this wine; it's so light and ethereal it's almost completely devoid of its tannin.

Stylistically I think of this wine as being somewhere in between Momento Mori's light and floral skin-fermented wines and the bigger, more tannin and evolved wines from Domaine Matassa. 

This wine is incredibly limited, just 12 cases were produced, and will be offered exclusively here and through select restaurants and wine bars. Sadly this historically important grape variety is being pulled from the vineyard later this year so won't be available ever again.