2015 Tommy Ruff

2015 Tommy Ruff

From Tom himself: "Two things I forgot. We also have two wines from our estate out this release. The first is our always faithful Tommy Ruff. A yummy blend of Shiraz and Mourvèdre (50/50). She is good in almost any situation from early morning drinking right through to sips before bed time. We blend the deep gravel and loam from our creek with the red soils of the hill. What results is this midweek smasher. Love her for what she is. The 2015 is a lover.

A new direction was taken in 2014 with our grapes after a silly hot summer 2013/14. I had had enough. I wanted something fresh and crunchy not sweet and alcoholic. So I started fermenting our fruit with their bunches still attached. This is a process known as whole cluster or whole bunch fermentation. The grapes loved it and the wines, oh my, they really loved this. I had found something that really worked well for our farm and the grapes we grow. In warm to hot years the stalks can really help us. (This will not always be the case as I was to learn in 2016. That's another story though)."

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