2016 Lucy Margaux Catastrophe Pinot Blend

2016 Lucy Margaux Catastrophe Pinot Blend

Catastrophe is a blend of Pinot Noir and friends both white and red.

Earth and baking spice on the nose, the palate is bursting with bright, fresh red fruits that seem to be a hallmark trait in Anton's Pinots... Soft, supple, fresh, invigorating. True vin nature, this wine is far more than just olfactory stimulus - it is incredibly digestible and nourishing.

When compared to Lunatic (Anton's other Pinot Noir blend for 2016), Catastrophe is more complex, more structured and more diverse in terms of textures, fruits and spice.

All 2016 wines from Lucy Margaux are from organically farmed fruit and were bottled without fining, filtration or any additions of any sort. True natural wines. Sans sulfites - no sulphites (preservative/220) added.

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