2016 Seppeltsfield by Tommy Ruff

2016 Seppeltsfield by Tommy Ruff

By Tom Shobbrook.

There's something so true and pure about Seppeltsfield. For starters, it's Tom's home, where he grew up, where his family is, where his vineyards and winery are located and where everything used in the making of this wine came from.

You couldn't ask for a purer expression of Seppeltsfield than this. 

We're talking Seppeltsfield Shiraz from Tom's family farm that Tom has farmed himself, hand-harvested, hand-sorted, put into an old fortified vat made from local Australian hardwood as whole bunches (stems, stalks and all) and left to its devices until the time was right. The nose on this wine intimates a dry, savoury, earthy palate, and it's anything but! It's sooo incredibly juicy. How Tom puts it together is beyond me - there's crunch, texture, juicy fruit, spice, earthiness, acidity, minerality, freshness and length - everything you could ever look for in a wine.

Seppeltsfield is Tom Shobbrook's best wine. Period. We got just 5 cases.