2018 Momento Mori Fistful of Flowers

2018 Momento Mori Fistful of Flowers

From Dane:

This release always makes people happy (myself included), and this vintage won’t be any different.

I’ll keep this very brief as this wine hopefully by now speaks for itself and is a sure crowd pleaser.

Moscato Giallo & Vermentino grown organically by the Chalmers family on the slopes of Mt Camel in Heathcote, Victoria.

Fermented and aged in 100% stainless, bottled by gravity.

An expressive whack of florals on the nose, perfumed stone fruits, musk and spring blossoms. The palate being pretty much the antithesis of this. Fresh and pure with a cool slated steeliness and a fine salinity to keep it all together. And only a touch up in alcohol than last year’s offering at 10.3% alcohol this one’s made for drinking too !

The reason this wine is so reasonably priced has nothing to do with quality or how much care and detail goes into making it. It is the fact alone that I wanted to have an entry level wine that people could afford to consume. Call it a wine for the people. This wine totally over delivers in every aspect.

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