Jauma 6 Pack


Jauma 6 Pack

This is for a mixed pack of 6 wines from Jauma:

Normally $285, now $255

Jauma (”Yaow-ma”) is run by the wild ex-sommelier turned winemaker James Erskine in the Basket Range near Adelaide, South Australia. Working together with organic vineyard consultant Fiona Wood, the two produce Cabernet Franc, Grenache, Shiraz, Chenin Blanc and Gewürztraminer in a unique, expressive, creative style from their Blewitt Springs, McLaren Vale and Clarendon vineyard sites.

The vineyards are sandy, elevated sites either over red clay, schist or quartz. All wines are harvested by hand, all ferments are wild, and the wines are never added to or taken from – the majority of James’ wines are preservative free and all are bottled without filtering or fining. It’s difficult to pigeon-hole James’ winemaking style but he always manages to blur the line between ‘fun wine’ and ‘fine wine’ with wines full of character, fruit expression and texture, yet with plenty of elegance, detail and structure. I always think of James' wines are serious and thoughtful in nature but there's a playful side there too.

Annual production: 2,500 cases